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YES, it’s a networking event. Lots of cool people come!
YES, entry is free!
YES, food and drink is available.

NO, you don’t need to have a twitter account.
NO, we don’t just stand around and tweet.
NO, it’s not just actors. Directors, producers, writers, casting directors, gaffers, and underwater basket weavers attend, too.


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Next Tweetup

DATE: Tuesday, September 9th 2014
TIME: 7pm – Midnight
LOCATION: The Parlor (7250 Melrose Ave, LA CA 90046)
GUEST SPEAKER at 7:30pm: Marci Liroff
NOTES: Venue is 21+

Future Tweetups

  • Tuesday, September 9th 2014
  • Monday, November 3rd 2014
  • Monday, December 8th 2014

What The Heck Is LA Actors Tweetup?

The Tweetup is an event where the amazing community of actors and other entertainment professionals on twitter can get together in the flesh. We convene every 6 weeks to share libations and compare notes on our plans for world domination. Open to all non-wactors. ;)

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Meet Your Hosts

1CarrieDanielHeadshot2 2013
The @LAActorsTweetup is hosted by Ben Whitehair & Carrie Daniel.


Tweetup friend and brilliant photographer Nicholas Sayaan takes purty pictures of Tweetup attendees.

How Cool Is it?

Our Global Network

Other actor tweetups can be found in New York, London, Belfast, and Dublin


Sponsors donate services or cash to make LA Actors Tweetup more awesome.

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