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We are proud to have been named by Backstage as one of the top “must follow” organizations!

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YES, it’s a networking event. Lots of fun people come!
YES, entry is free, and YES you can get food/drinks at the event.

NO, you don’t need a Twitter account.
NO, we don’t just stand around and tweet.
NO, it’s not just actors. Directors, producers, writers, casting directors, gaffers, and basket weavers attend, too.


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DATE: December 4, 2017
TIME: 7 -11pm
LOCATION: Busby’s East (5634 Wilshire Blvd) – NOTE THE LOCATION!
SPECIAL GUEST: Showrunner Nat Bernstein.
TICKETS: Please RSVP on our Eventbrite page
WHO: As always, ALL ARE WELCOME.** We love writers, cinematographers, ballerinas, gaffers, microbiologists, spouses, pen pals, everyone! The more, the merrier.

*We would appreciate donations to the Tweetup so that we can continue to make it a free event. Donate here.
**Note: due to venue restrictions, you must be 21+ to attend any Tweetups held at Busby’s.

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What The Heck Is LA Actors Tweetup?

Since 2010, the LA Actors Tweetup has been the premiere networking event for actors and industry professionals in Los Angeles. It provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere for people to connect, and was recently named a “must follow” organization by Backstage.

We convene quarterly at Busby’s East to share libations and compare notes on our plans for world domination. We also bring in an industry expert for an informal Q & A style interview that lasts about 60 minutes.

You can also review us on Actor Rated, or join our Facebook group to connect between Tweetups. And of course, follow us on Twitter.

Past guest speakers include Emmy-winning editor and director Kabir Akhtar, veteran casting director Marci Liroff,  showrunner Nat Bernstein, and TV/Film/Theatre agent Alisa Taylor.

P.S. Scared of “networking?” Check out Ben’s blog post on Backstage, Taking the Work out of Networking.

Meet Your Hosts

The @LAActorsTweetup is hosted by Ben Whitehair & Carrie Daniel.

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Other actor tweetups can be found in New York, London, Belfast, and Dublin


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